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Hoyt Street
Flourishing Ministries

As Long As I Sow, And As Long As You Sow,
We Will Grow, And Grow, And Grow, And Be Kind!

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Hoyt Street Flourishing Ministries was established in 1946 by our founder, Superintendent Nolen Brown. As an emerging church, we’re passionate about winning souls for Jesus Christ and guiding God’s people through spiritual truths based on the Word of God and biblical principles.

We love to worship and praise God in a contemporary, charismatic way, and we welcome everyone to feel free to express themselves in a way that allows God to move within them.


Loving Our Neighbor as Jesus Did

We’re dedicated to serving Christ, the church, and our community, finding joy in providing necessities for the needy through food drives and holiday giveaways. Above all else, we love God and God’s people.

So, if you’re looking for a place where you can feel welcomed and loved, we encourage you to visit our One Love Sanctuary. We provide spiritual nutrients through sound teaching and preaching, encouraging you to place your trust in God to see your life flourish and grow.

In Loving Memory of Pastor Gerald L Morgan

He left a lasting legacy for us!